Learn About Our New Referral Fee Program

Want more leads, or to set a better hook to retain your clients?

Who doesn't.  As you know at Dijjit we try to focus on quality over quantity, which is why we are by-invitation only.  We believe our lending partners are the best, and so are our Realtors.  But we also know that we aren't getting as many qualified leads from our lends as we could because of some inherent challenges.  So we've started a new program to incentivize the potential Buyer to use our Realtors, through a 10% Buyer Rebate*.  
We've tested this out and have found our lead rates have gone up dramatically along with closings, and so to accomodate this we've reduced our referral fee to 25%, but only if the agent agrees to provide the buyer a 10% Buyer Rebate at closing* which can then be used however the Buyer wants, whether it be to buy down to a lower interest rate, offset closings costs, etc.  
Please review the following videos for more information on how it applies to you:

To the Realtors:


To the Lenders:


To the Customer:


* Please refer to local laws regarding how to provide a buyer rebate at closing.  Please be aware that certain states ban rebates.  Learn more here >

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