How many times have you pre-approved a client and then sent them out to look for homes only to find out later that they closed with another lender?  Why does it happen?
When one of your clients begins looking for homes they may shop for another loan, or they may even be steered by the Realtor they've found to another lender preferred by the Realtor.  That's bad!
Dijjit exists to connect people and help you work in tandem with our Realtors.  All of our Realtors are among the best in the industry because of our thorough vetting process and quality rating system. By receiving a referral from you, they agree to make every reasonable and legal attempt to help you retain your client.  Agents that undermine this trust or don't perform are removed from participation.  This insures that you look like a rock star with your client and greatly improves your odds of closing the loan.
Our software facilitates communication so you know at any time what is happening with a client.  As Realtors provide feedback we send you emails and update your CRM automatically so all of your notes are in one place.

Additionally, you are creating new relationships with Realtors you'd likely have no opportunity to work with.   In turn, our Realtors are encouraged to use our superior lending partners and the quality service that you provide.

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