How Does Dijjit Work?


But with Dijjit...

And then Dijjit (through our licensed Realtor partners) instantly matches them with



Dijjit Software Manages it All

You've seen the flow, but the important thing to understand is that Dijjit works and integrates with how you are already doing your work.  The biggest obstacle to adopting new software, programs and services is fitting it into your existing workflow.
The majority of our users never log into Dijjit.  Rather we integrate with your CRM and manage communication through services you already use like email and texting.  A simple reply to an email updates everyone involved.  Notes, emails, feedback and everything else is populated directly into your CRM.
There are no subscriptions, no set-up fees and no cost to our vendors.  For Realtors we just ask for a 30% referral fee (for the most qualified and prepared referrals you'll ever receive) at the closing of a real estate transaction.  To learn more about the process, go here.
If you are a lender, we help better ensure that your client stays your client from pre-approval to closing.  Our Realtors are committed to providing you the best service and keeping you in the loop throughout the process.  To learn more about how it works for lenders, go here.

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