The By Invitation-Only Real Estate Referral Network


Our Real Estate Referral Network
has higher lead-conversion rates
than any other referral network in the US.



30,000 agents and growing
(the right way)


How do we have such high conversion rates?

First we are committed to networking with the best and most reliable sources.  Participants with Dijjit are committed to providing the best quality service and leads.  In addition, our referrals are coming from actual people who have been vetted and are ready to begin a real estate transaction.  With a plan to move and a pre-approval in hand, it means our leads are highly prepared and ready to go.

While some of our best convert 40-50% of the referrals we provide,  approximately 30% of our referrals turn into closed business.  Compare that to the 1-3% conversion rate (if you are lucky) of other referral sources and we've got a good thing going on.


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Dijjit's proprietary performance algorithm rewards the best and eliminates the worst. This means you work with only the best people. (The way it should be.)


Do a great job and get rewarded, it is as simple as that

Participants in the Dijjit Referral Program are committed to providing the best service, and are known for their professionalism, commitment to honest and open communication, ethics and reliability.  Each of our participants is individually vetted for their skill and reputation before they are allowed to join our network. 

Dijjit tracks all activity involved with a referral and quantifies what is happening in a Dijjit score™.  The better you perform, the higher the score and the more referrals you get.  Failure to perform and we invite you to leave our network, thus maintaining the integrity and quality of our system.

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